THE HORUS HERESY. Dan Abnett. LEGION. Secrets and lies v () Primarchs. ALPHARIUS, Primarch of the Alpha Legion. The Alpha Legion. THE HORUS HERESY .. of the Legion, other than the Great Khan himself. Yesugei was the embodiment of the Legion's core principles: he killed without. 1 THE HORUS HERESY Dan Abnett LEGION Secrets and lies Legion 2 THE HORUS HERESY It is a time of legend. Mighty heroes battle for the right to rule the.

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The Horus Heresy Book 4 Conquest. The Horus Heresy Legiones Astartes - Isstvan Campaign Legions The Horus Heresy Legiones Astartes Crusade Army List (1). This volume collects together the Space Marine Legions Themes from the first five CW, Gams ni The Sims Heresy, The Horus Heresy Eye logo, Space Marine . THE HORUS HERESY. LEGIONES ASTARTES AGE OF DARKNESS Legiones Astartes Age of Darkness Army threadergrenacmu.ml Report; Share. Twitter · Facebook.

Depending on its particular pattern, Terminator armour may also confer additional rules and abilities to its wearer. If a unit has the option of taking Terminator armour but does not specify a particular pattern, such as the Legion Terminator Squad entry, its pattern is that represented on the physical models used, and only a single type of Terminator armour may be chosen for the unit when included in your army.

Cataphractii Pattern Terminator Armour: One of the first issued Tactical Dreadnought armour patterns, the Cataphractii suits were even more heavily protected than their contemporaries, with slab-like ceramite pauldrons housing additional shield generators.

This design has the unfortunate side effect of overstraining the armours exoskeleton and slowing the wearer dangerously, however. This difference led to the patterns declining use with some Legions at the outbreak of the Horus Heresy. In addition to the effects and rules listed previously for Terminator armour, models in Cataphractii pattern armour cannot make Run moves or Overwatch attacks.

Models which join a unit in Cataphractii armour may themselves not make Run moves or Sweeping Advances while with the unit, but may make Overwatch attacks as normal for them. If a unit is joined by a model in Cataphractii armour, the unit is prevented from making Run moves or Sweeping Advances while the model is with them. Tartarus Pattern Terminator Armour: This was an advanced pattern of Terminator armour developed late on during the Great Crusade in parallel with the Maximus pattern power armour, and was considered a technological masterwork.

Tartarus armour is more streamlined and power efficient than its predecessors, making it more agile and providing short bursts of additional speed when needed, but was also more difficult and resource intensive to manufacture.

Index of /public/Books/rpg.rem.uz/Warhammer/40000/Tabletop/Forge World/

Regardless of this, it had become one of the most widely circulated patterns issued in the decades before the outbreak of the Horus Heresy. In addition to the effects and rules listed previously for Terminator armour, models in Tartarus pattern armour may make Sweeping Advances in combat unlike other patterns of Terminator armour. If a model with Tartarus pattern armour is joined by a character equipped with a different pattern of Terminator armour or vice versa, this ability is lost.

A note on unique and variant Terminator armour: If a unit is described as being equipped with a particular additional variant of Terminator armour, such as the Gorgon Terminators of the Iron Hands, or as wearing a personalised and unique suit, such as the armour worn by the Primarch Horus, the rules for this armour will be provided in the units description and should not be inferred from elsewhere.

When used for a Chain Fire attack, such weapons overheat on rolls of a 1 or 2, inflicting a wound on the firing model.

Should any overheat occur, the Chain Fire attack immediately ends without further re-rolls for hits.

Restrictions: May not take a jetpack, Jetbike, Bike or Terminator armour. Master of Cybernetica: A single unit of either Castellax or Vorax class Battle-automata see the Mechanicum Taghmata Army List book for current profiles must be selected as part of the Legion Praevian unit note that Battle-automata units selected in this fashion may not select the Paragon of Metal upgrade.


This unit does not use up an additional Force Organisation choice and the Legion Praevian must be included as part of the unit even if it includes models of the Monstrous Creature type while it is part of a unit of Monstrous Creatures, the Legion Praevian may not Go to Ground, voluntarily or otherwise. The Legion Praevian may not leave this unit.

Cortex Designator: When a model with a cortex designator makes a successful shooting attack against an enemy unit whether or not the attack inflicts an unsaved wound , any automata in the same unit gain the Preferred Enemy special rule when targeting that enemy unit until the end of the controlling players current turn.

Legion Inductees: The unit of Battle-automata to which the Legion Praevian is attached gains the Legiones Astartes special rule possessed by the Legion Praevian or one of the following special rules: Furious Charge, Tank Hunters or Scout when the Scout special rule is selected, it also applies to the Legion Praevian. These special rules are selected at no additional points cost.

In addition, when utilising units of Battle-automata with the Legiones Astartes special rule, the following exceptions and additions apply: Sons of Horus: When using the Merciless Fighters special rule, each Battle-automata counts as three models. Night Lords: For the purposes of the Nostraman Blood special rule, each Battle-automata counts as three models.

In addition, the Consul must always be the armys Warlord, unless their Legions Primarch is also taken. A Legion Delegatus may be taken in armies below the normal 1, points threshold for taking models with the Master of the Legion special rule. It represents the officer selecting a small but potent strike force of chosen warriors for the prosecution of a specific objective.

Effects Legion Veteran squads are Troops choices in this army, and at least two must be taken. If a Legion Delegatus who is a Warlord survives the mission, their side gains an additional Victory point where these are in use.

If the Legion Delegatus Warlord is slain, the enemy gains an additional Victory point over and above any they would earn from the Slay the Warlord Secondary Objective. Legion Veteran Tactical Squad HH1 page ; CAL page 20 The list of special weapons that one in five squad members can exchange their bolters for should also have the following entries added: Flamer Legion Veteran Tactical squads should also have the Implacable Advance special rule as standard, making them a scoring unit.

Rad Missiles CAL page 85 The following rule explanation is added to later printings for those without access to other Horus Heresy books: Rad-phage: A model which loses one or more wounds to an attack with this special rule and survives has its Toughness value reduced by -1 for the rest of the battle.

Note that this addition does not apply to other listed Drop Pod types, which have their own variants of this special rule and are costed appropriately to reflect this.

Each unit enemy or friendly within 12" of the models weapon mounts comes under attack. Each target unit with one or more models in range suffers D3 full shooting attacks using the profile listed for the Deathstorms armament instead of the Deathstorm Drop Pods normal attack this turn, resolved at BS 2.

Mhhhh… What? Ask what you like. Burn me again, if you must. My name is Hurtado Bronzi. He pointed at his enemies with his dust-caked fingers and jabbered, spitting out curses on their families and dependants, and particularly miserable dooms on the heads of their children, far away. A soldier learns how to ignore insults, but there was something about the Nurthene way of cursing that made Soneka blanch.

The Nurthene lay on his back on a slope of dry, red sand, where the blast had thrown him. His pink silk robes were stiffening in places where his blood was drying rapidly in the late afternoon sun.

His silver breastplate, with its engraving of stylised reeds and entwined crocodilia, winked like a mirror. His legs lay in a limp position that suggested his spine was no longer properly connected.

Soneka trudged up the dry bed of the wadi to inspect him. A terribly dark, terribly blue sky met the red horizon.

The sinking sun picked out the facing edges of rocks and boulders with a bright orange sheen. Soneka was wearing glare-shields, but took them off out of courtesy so that the Nurthene could see his eyes.

He knelt down, the small gold box around his neck swinging like a pendulum.

The troop stood around him on the slope, watching, their weapons ready in their hands. The desert wind brushed their embroidered, waist-length coats and made them flutter. Soneka could still smell traces of the liqnite spray in the warm air. Bubbles of blood formed at the corners of his lips. Some of the men laughed. Lon shook his head and lowered his carbine. His accent was strong, but there was no denying that the Nurthene had mastered the Imperial language.

You come from the stars, in your droves, and you do nothing. The Nurthene stared up at him. His eyes had gone glassy, like the sky at dawn. He burped, and blood welled up out of his mouth like water from a borehole. He looked back at the men gathered on the slope behind him.

Beyond them, two Nurthene armoured vehicles were burning, sweating soot and Dan Abnett 11 smoke up into the blue sky. From the other side of the wadi, Soneka could hear sporadic las-shots. The intervening landscape was a broken tract of ridges and ancient basins and, in the sidelong evening light, the basins had filled with shadows so black they looked like pools of ink. Soneka felt a comparable blackness in his heart: Tel Utan was proving to be their nemesis.

For eight months, it had held them at bay, through a combination of terrain, tactics, stoicism and plain bad luck. An elite force of one thousand companies, it had a martial tradition that stretched back through the time of the Great Crusade and into the era of the Unification Wars that had preceded it. The geno was a proud member of the Old Hun- dred, the Strife Epoch regiments that the Emperor, in his grace, had maintained after Unification, provided they pledged loyalty to him.

Many thousands of others had been forced to disband, or had been actively purged and neutered, depending on their level of resistance to the new order.

Peto Soneka had been born in Feodosiya, and had served, in his youth, in the local army, but he had petitioned eagerly for trans- fer into the Geno Five-Two, because of their illustrious reputa- tion.

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There had been tough dances along the way, of course there had. Off the top of his head, Soneka could mention Foechion, where they had slogged toe to toe for six weeks with the green- skins in lightless, frozen latitudes, and Zantium, where the Dragonoid cadres had almost bested them in a series of running battles and ambuscades.

Word was the Lord Commander was getting edgy, and no one wanted to be around Namatjira when that happened. Soneka pulled his glare-shields back on. He was a lithe, slender man of forty-two years standard, though he could pass for twenty-five. He had a striking, angular head, with hard cheek and jaw lines, a pointed chin and a generous, full-lipped mouth full of gleaming white teeth that women found especially attrac- tive. Like all of them, his skin had bronzed in the Nurthene light.

He made a signal, and his bashaws brought the troops in along the rim of the wadi and down into the dry basins beyond. Geno armour followed them, bounding along on their treads, and spuming wakes of red dust behind them as they churned out across the basin floor. This was a time for walking.

There was half an hour of daylight left. Night, they had learned to their cost, belonged to the Nurthene. Soneka hoped to run his troop as far as the forward command post at CR23 before they lost the light.

Sicaran Omega Tank Destroyer

The last tangle with the Nurthene had slowed their advance considerably. Dislodging them from this country was like pulling out splinters. The geno uniform was a bulky, tight-buckled bodyglove of studded leather and armour links, with a waist-length cape of yellow merdacaxi, a Terran silk, much rougher and more hard-wearing than the pink silks of the Nurthene. The ornate leather armour was marked with devices and trimmed with fur, and the backs of their capes were richly embroidered with company emblems and motifs.

They carried lightweight packs, munition slings, long sword bayonets, and the bottles of their double water rations, which clinked against the liqnite cylinders they had all been is- sued with. Standard weapons were laser carbines and RPG sow- ers, but some men lugged fire poles or support cannons. They were all big men, all genic bred and selected for muscle.

Soneka was slight compared to most. Their headgear was spiked helms, Dan Abnett 13 either silvered steel or glossy orange, often edged with brims of fur or neck veils of beaded laces.

The glare shields were gog- gle-eyed: In those last few minutes of daylight, the Dancers were going to take the worst beating they had ever known. The bashaw, of the regimental uterine stock and considerably bigger in all measurements than Bronzi, gave his hetman a tired look. Chart Referent 23 was a Nurthene outpost captured two weeks before, and lay just eight kilometres from the Tel. Hurtado Bronzi, a sixty-year veteran possessed of boundless charisma and a stocky body going to seed, leaned out of the billet doorway and took another deliberate stare along the red brick passageway.

At the far end, where it opened out into a central courtyard, he could see the newcomer standing in conversation with Honen Mu and some of her aides. The newcomer was a big fellow, really big, a giant dressed in a dust-grey mail sleeve and a head shawl, with a soot-dulled bolter slung over his shoulder. Bigger than you, even. Something was going on. Bronzi had a feeling in his water.

Something had been going on for the last few days. Uxor Honen was unusually tight-lipped, and had been unavailable on several occasions. The man was big. He towered over Honen, though everyone towered over her. Even so, he had to be two twenty, two twen- ty-five maybe. That was gene-build big, Astartes big even.

Bronzi looked back into the billet hall. His Jokers were busy sacking out, drinking and eating, playing bones. Some of them were cleaning off weapons or polishing armour scutes, wiping away the red dust that had slowly caked on during the long day in the field.

His thick, dirty toes splayed out through the holes in his woollen socks. Tche shrugged. He kept hold of his water bottles.Did I mention all these were made by a single fucking person who wasn't even a full-fledged marine? If you witness anyone spreading these harmful lies about a 20th Legion, immediately report the heretic to your local representative of the Inquisition or to your unit's commissar.

Hell, even when they have recently became their own class in the Black Crusade supplement Tome of Fate,, the information provided is still somewhat vague and just stuff we already know.

The Sicaran Omega is also armed with a hull-mounted Heavy Bolter and two sponson-mounted weapons, which can be either Heavy Bolters or Lascannons.

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The Alpha Legion undergo daily surgery to continue to look like their Primarch. The geno uniform was a bulky, tight-buckled bodyglove of studded leather and armour links, with a waist-length cape of yellow merdacaxi, a Terran silk, much rougher and more hard-wearing than the pink silks of the Nurthene.

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