Pages·· MB· Downloads·Indonesian. Godfather Terakhir / Mario Puzo; alih bahasa, Sutanty Lesmana — Jakarta: Gramedia Pustaka Utama. The Godfather is a crime novel written by American author Mario Puzo. Originally published in by G. P. Putnam's Sons, the novel details the story of a. Sebagian berdasarkan pada novel Puzo The Godfather, film tersebut adalah sekuel dan prekuel dari The Godfather, yang menampilkan drama paralel .

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The Runaway Summer of Davie Shaw () · Six Graves to Munich (), dengan nama Mario Cleri · The Godfather () · Fools. Jual Ebook Novel Literatur Sastra Bahasa Inggris Klasik / Lama (Siap Cetak, Hard / Soft Cover) . The Godfather, Mario Puzo Tapi itu novelnya udah diterjemahin ke bahasa indonesia atau masih dalam bhs inggris? Balas. Free ebook without signing up, without hassle, directly from my file. You're welcome! Indonesia. Buku E: Karl May – Winnetou I.

Novel fiksi yang menemani perjalanan rutin kereta, siang dan malam selama 12 hari dan menikmati kopi Latte di sejumlah toko kopi di awal bulan Juni Thriller, pengampunan, romansa, mafia, alam Sisilia, dan penghianatan.

The Godfather

Bacaan yang menarik. Seorang mafioso besar, Don Vizenzo Zeno yang tidak lama lagi menghembuskan nafas terakhirnya. Mafia berbahaya yang sudah tua ini memanggil beberapa orang kepercayaan untuk memutuskan kepada siapa bayi lelakinya akan diserahkan. Bayi lelaki yang sebelumnya telah kehilangan ibunya yang belia. Raymonde Aprile, orang kepercayaannya berkewarganegaraan Amerika-lah yang akan membesarkan anak itu.

Berpuluh tahun kemudian Raymonde Aprile didapati terbunuh tanpa tahu siapa pembunuhnya. Ketua FBI bagian kriminal pada awalnya mencurigai ketiga anak Raymonde dan satu keponakannya. Namun lelaki ini telah menghabiskan 20 tahun lamanya bertugas di pos militer luar negeri. Marcantonia, putra ke duanya yang menjadi pembawa acara di sebuah TV Nasional. Putri satu-satunya, Nicole, seorang pengacara yang handal dan sukses namun dia tidak mengetahui kesuksesannya telah ditopang ayahnya dari belakang layar selama ini.

Wanita ambisius dan menarik itu pernah menjalin hubungan terlarang dengan Astoree sepupunya. Astorre sangat kecewa dan marah kepada almarhum pamannya tanpa jujur memberitahu kalau dia adalah anak seorang don besar dari Sisilia.

Keadaan berduka kehilangan istrinya, Aprilie menitipkan bayi Astorre kepada sepasang suami istri teman yang masih teman dekat, keluarga yang belum memiliki anak. Namun kedua temannya itu meninggal dan Astoree pun kembali di bawah pengawasan Raymonde Aprillie.

Don Aprile menepati janjinya pada don Zeno yang tak lain adalah ayah kandung Astorre Zeno dengan tetap memperhatikan anak itu. Bahkan sejak usia dini Astorre sering diajak ke Sicilia, dalam pembagian hartanya Astorre pun mendapatkan bagian yang besar dan diperlakukan seperti anak.

The Godfather Returns

Kini tuduhan paling kuat tertuju pada Astorre. Pemuda itu awalnya adalah seorang musisi band namun kini beralih ke bisnis importir minyak zaitun dari Sisilia. Sejumlah mafia pun diwawancarai untuk mencari pembunuh. Astorre justru yang berhasil mengungkap pelaku pembunuh pamannya.

Daftar isi

Motifnya pun seputar uang dan pelakunya adalah sekelompok orang, bahkan keterlibatan anggota FBI, dan mafia lain yang ingin menguasai bank pamannya. There is nothing to really demonstrate or explain why Vito became the character readers love so much later on.

Sonny is explained in detail but, like many people, I don't care. It's the age old issue of answering questions no one asked.


A bigger issue that hit me personally was the lack of accurate research. The author chooses to bring in real life mobsters which is always a controversial choice. You have to be so amazingly diligent with your research when doing this and in this the author failed.

I'm not talking about nit picky things that some will pick up on that I'm sure I missed because I never lived in New York a few reviewers have mentioned streets that didn't exist at that time period, for example.

These are all legitimate concerns with the novel - an author who chooses to make such mistakes can't be relied upon for the remainder of the story.

My issue was a much bigger one that even an average reader will likely note: could there be more mentions of Al Capone? I mean, really, this got so tiresome. Vito is in NY and anyone who has done any nonfiction reading on the mafia knows that he would be answering to the likes of Luciano, Lansky and Costello and not Al Capone.

Luciano and his family neither feared nor answered to Capone over in Chicago and most legitimate history books of the time will note how he was just a thorn in their side for his constant publicity. Even more damaging is the time period in question.

Well, even a quick google search will tell you that would simply be impossible. In Capone had his famous arrest for tax evasion and by has already been sent to Alcatraz.

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He wasn't even a blip on the radar anymore so the idea that he would influence any decisions in the NY mafia families borders on ridiculous.

The writing style was another thing that nagged me. It was clearly written with a screenplay in mind and this becomes more and more evident as the novel wears on.

The first few chapters are much stronger in style: we are treated to inner thoughts, well written if sparse settings, and just a generally more flowing storyline.

By midway, though, it degenerates into almost all dialogue. Even the descriptions of events are very timeline affected: he hits him, he bleeds, they clean their weapons and run away.

Screenplay writing Visual yes but not a visual approach in the sense of a novel where we are taken through the tense emotions and regrets or pleasure such an event would cause. Will it transfer to the screen? Undoubtedly since it would require little rewriting to make it a screenplay. Does that make it great reading for a novel?

Unfortunately, no. Once I read a few chapters I sat back and realized that I should read this more as just another mafia novel than a novel about the Corleone family.

And, as a standard mainstream mafia novel this book does well.B White.

Thanks, and kindly give me any kind of feedback. Read it to understand how defeat can be faced among peers and personally..

They are real people. I'm one of the people who watched the whole movie trilogy and then after that found out that The Godfather exists as a novel. Kita tinggal tunggu saja paspor kita jadi sesuai dengan tanggal pengambilan paspor.

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