Download free courses materials, tutorials training on ms office basics in PDF files. In the Programs menu there is a folder called Microsoft Office, and this is of course where you find Word. When you start Word, you automatically start in a new. Course summary. This introductory-level course teaches the key techniques for using the four primary Microsoft. Office applications in your day-to-day work.

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Microsoft Word can be used to create documents, brochures, leaflets, outlines, .. To save your document in the PDF file format, go to File > Save As. The saving. Find training and tutorials for Office and Office apps, including Outlook, OneNote A tablet showing Office training Represents the course called Microsoft. for using our Microsoft Office tutorials. You may already refer the people you serve to our site for self-paced, independent learning. This guide will help you use.

Footer — The footer is the text that consistently appears on every page of a document, at the bottom of each page. Format — The Format menu or toolbar goes one step further than the Edit menu.

Microsoft Office Course

Users can make stylistic changes by changing the look of the text itself, paragraphs, lists and more. Header — The header is similar to a footer except that it sits at the very top of every page in a document.

Headers often contain page numbers, the document name or sub-titles within a document.

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Justify, left justified, right justified — Justification is a type of alignment for text in a word processor. Justify ensures that both the left and right sides of the text in every paragraph run in a straight line. Left justify makes only the left side of the text aligned, while the right side remains ragged.

Right justified does the complete opposite, with only the right side of the text aligned. Open — The Open command opens an existing document in Microsoft Word. Paste — The paste command takes any previously copied or cut text and lays it down within the document where the cursor is pointing.


Print — The print command first opens a window where users can specify parameters of the paper, printer and ink they wish to print with and it provides a preview of what the physical print will look like. Quick access tool bar — The quick access toolbar is a small and moveable toolbar at the top of the document window.

It usually contains buttons to save, undo, redo and print. This toolbar can also be customized to include or remove other commands.

40 Microsoft Excel Tutorials That’ll Blow Your Mind And Impress Your Boss Tomorrow

Ribbon — The Ribbon is a type of toolbar found in versions of Microsoft Office It contains graphic buttons for commands and similar commands are shown in groups for easy access. Save — The save command is one of the most important ones.

It saves all of the work done to date within a document. The save command enables users to return to the same document later and continue writing, editing or printing.

Text — Text is any of the words and paragraphs that a user types within a document. Standard tool bar — The standard tool bar is the row of icons at the top of the document.

E-Learning for Microsoft Office 365

Each of these buttons are used for basic functions such as saving, opening or printing documents, among other commands. The Basics of Cryptography.

Download free The Basics of Cryptography computer security course material, tutorial training, a PDF file on 26 pages. Python Basics. Basics of Polynomials. Download free Basics of Polynomials, Coe!

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This tutorial will teach you the basics of programming and the basics of the C programming language, PDF file by Davide Vitelaru. Quick Guide for Excel Basics.

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A Beginner’s Guide to Microsoft Office

Download free an introduction to MS access , course material, tutorial training, a PDF file on 18 pages.Create a Chart with Excel Easy : Guidance that helps you make a graph about the wildlife population to see how a student or someone in the wildlife industry would do it. Attendees also discover how to take advantage of visual design principles that will help them to build more professional-looking decks.

These are the true basics, so it might seem a little rudimentary to some. Take training. Quick access tool bar — The quick access toolbar is a small and moveable toolbar at the top of the document window. Header — The header is similar to a footer except that it sits at the very top of every page in a document.

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