ITR-2A. INDIAN INCOME TAX RETURN. [For Individuals and HUFs not having Income from Business or. Profession and Capital Gains and who do not hold. Instructions to Form ITR-2A (AY ). Page 1 of 9. Instructions for filling out FORM ITR-2A. These instructions are guidelines for filling the particulars in this. The ITR-2A return form has been discontinued from FY (AY ). If you’re looking to file an income tax return for FY , continue reading. ITR-2A is a newly-introduced income tax return form meant for individuals and HUFs who have salary income and own more than.

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31st July, and are available to download in PDF format as well in Java ITR-2A is a newly introduced form which should be used by an. If you want to refer instructions for filing ITR-1 in pdf format,. Click here to view instructions to fill-up ITR-2A. Checklist of documents required to. Recommended Read: Which ITR Form is applicable for my Income? The new ITR Form 2A can be downloaded from here: Download ITR 2A Form in PDF for.

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Visit Income Tax website https: Form ITR 4 needs to be filed by those who opt for presumptive income like professionals, doctors, filmstars, etc.

Even a businessman or a doctor or a professional with a turnover of less than Rs 2 crore can opt for ITR 4 under Section 44 AD of presumptive income with a declaration of profits. Consultants by profession like interior decorator, architect, technical or professional consultants who charge money for professional advice can also opt for this scheme.

This ITR can be used by individuals whose total income includes income from business or profession. This form can be used in following cases:. Visit the official website of Income Tax at https: Form ITR 6 is applicable to companies. All the companies, except those who claim exemption as per Section 11 are required to file their returns in Form ITR 6.

Companies that claim exemption under Section 11 are those companies that have income from property held for charitable or religious purposes.

All the companies eligible to file ITR 6 need to file their returns electronically and sign through digital signature.

ITR-2A Form

Step 4: Choose your Assessment Year Step 5: Following catregories are required to furnish their return under aforesaid section:. This form can be used in the following cases: When individuals earn income through salary or pension When individuals earn income through a single house property except in case when loss is carried forward from previous year When individuals earn income from other sources like dividend, interest, etc.

This form is not applicable in the following cases: This form can be used by individuals or HUFs in following cases: Such income may include any income like salary, bonus, interest, commission or remuneration from the firm. This form can be used in following cases: When an individual has income from salary or pension When an individual earns income through a single house property When an individual has presumptive business income When an individual has income from other sources except windfall income i.

When income from house property includes income from multiple house properties When the total income of individual includes income from capital gains When income of individuals includes windfall income like from winning of lottery or horse racing It is not applicable in case the agricultural income of an individual exceeds Rs 5, Individuals who earn income from any country outside India When a resident has any asset including financial interest in any entity located outside India or signing authority in any account located outside India 7 ITR 5 This ITR form is to be used by following entities for filing their income tax return: Following catregories are required to furnish their return under aforesaid section: Section 4A: STEP 3.

Select the requisite form ITR For individuals earning a salary, pension, or income from property or sources other than lottery.


ITR For those earning capital gains. ITR 2A for those owning more than one house but no capital gains.

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ITR 3, 4 and 4S: Professionals and business owners. STEP 4.

You can then validate your tax return with Form 26AS to check your tax liability. If you earn more than Rs 50 lakh, from this year you will have to fill an additional column —"AL" or assets and liabilities.

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You will have to disclose the value of your assets and liabilities. Assets have to be declared at cost. STEP 5.

Fill form and upload If you choose to fill the form offline, after you have downloaded the form and filled all the details, click on 'generate XML'.Updated: Jun 22, , Not filed yet? In case the return is submitted using digital signature, you just have to preserve this number.

Computation of tax liability on total income Tax Payments: Let us know at support cleartax. If you want a CA to prepare return on your behalf- Want to hire a CA to file your return on your behalf?

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