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Rappresentatione di anima, et di corpo (Emilio de Cavalieri)

Prudence Or really it is pitch that is daubed: mud that sticks: and dust that blinds. Awareness Surely it is a desert of sand: a wilderness that is terrible: a country uninhabited. Prudence Do you not think that it changes like the moon?

That it passes by like a courier? That it turns like a wheel?

Awareness And yet it is clear that it is a city of blood: a lusting of the flesh: a pleasing of the eyes: and pride of heart. Prudence Certainly call it a love of fools: a desire of the wicked: pleasure of the impassioned. Awareness Name it a table that is poor: a cistern that is cracked: a bed that is hard: and a chest that is empty.

Prudence Liken it to a Siren that sings: to a harlot that sports: to a magician that charms. Awareness Hold it as sorrow that laughs: laughter that weeps: content that laments. Prudence And I, to tell you its name, say that it is a deceitful life: a dead life: a death that breathes:and a Hell for the living. Awareness And I conclude that this miserable life is nothing else but a funeral procession of living bodies: a most rapid race for death: and a noble appearance for the worms.

The Tote Bag

Prudence And in fact to this Worldly Life all titles can be given, and more unworthy names, that all agree are best.

Awareness Now tell me, if it is so, whence does it arise that many hold it in such esteem, and enjoy it so much that they would wish never to die?

Prudentio O quanta, o quanta salute sarebbe alle genti, se si ponessero a considerare oltre la scorza, le miserie, ed imperfettioni di questa ingannevol vita! Prudence This arises because sins have obscured their view, and placed a veil over their eyes so that they cannot understand the truth of things: and so taking false for true and bad for good they are deluded amid their errors: and then death comes and takes them where they find they have in their hands nothing but wind, or rather torments, and punishment.

Awareness Indeed how very unhappy are men who live in this way, for they sleep soundly in mistaking such danger. O how well they would do if some time they should wake up from so mortal a lethargy! Prudence O what, O what salvation there would be for all people if they would start to consider beyond the outward appearance, the miseries and imperfections of this deceiving life! To try to answer these questions, our researchers met women of all ages and all major ethnicities across three continents.

These extensive consultations confirmed that youth is a key beauty preoccupation for all women, which they talk about in very similar terms.

From Europe to the US, China to Japan, the signs of youth described by women are the same - radiance, a smooth texture, even skin tone, firm contours, an absence of wrinkles etc. For an American woman, for instance, wrinkle-free skin is a priority, while in Asia women are more concerned by a fair, even tone. Above all, however - and allowing for the fact that the motivation to look young is profoundly influenced by prevailing social and cultural factors - one constant emerged: youth is a universal aspiration, and it is perceived in the same way by women the world over.

Their answers shed light on the reasons behind the universality of the quest for youth, as well as on its definitions, from the most objective to the most symbolic. Mit vielen Fragen fing alles an: Sehnen wir uns alle nach Jugendlichkeit? War das schon immer so? Und wie wird das Thema Jugendlichkeit in den unterschiedlichen Gesellschaften auf den verschiedenen Kontinenten gesehen?

Um diese Fragen zu beantworten, haben sich unsere Forscher an Frauen aller Altersgruppen und verschiedener Kulturen auf drei Kontinenten gewandt.

Smail Hadj-Rabia. Todo empieza con una serie de preguntas. Para intentar responder a estas preguntas, nuestros investigadores realizaron un estudio en tres continentes con mujeres de todas las edades y todas las culturas. Tutto comincia con delle domande. Siamo tutti in cerca di giovinezza? Con l. Alles begint met vragen.

Zijn we allemaal op zoek naar jeugdigheid? Is dat altijd zo geweest? Hoe is onze perceptie van jeugdigheid veranderd met de evolutie van de wetenschap en de evolutie van de maatschappij?

En wat verstaat men onder jeugdigheid binnen verschillende culturen en onder verschillende etniciteiten? Onze wetenschappers hebben vrouwen van alle leeftijden en culturen op drie continenten benaderd om deze vragen trachten te beantwoorden.

Deze diepgaande gesprekken hebben bevestigd dat jeugdigheid een van de grootste zorgen op het gebied van schoonheid is voor alle vrouwen. Hoe divers ook, de vrouwen gebruiken vrijwel dezelfde woorden om hun beeld van jeugdigheid te schetsen.

Van Europa tot de VS, van China tot Japan, alle tekenen van een jeugdige huid worden met dezelfde woorden beschreven - stralende, gladde huid, egale teint, duidelijke contouren, geen rimpels, enz. Jeugdigheid is een universele doelstelling en wordt onder alle vrouwen wereldwijd hetzelfde opgevat.


Middels analyse van verschillende definities van jeugdigheid, zowel van de meest symbolische als van de meest objectieve, proberen de drie experts antwoord te geven op de vraag waarom er een universele zoektocht naar jeugdigheid is.

La jouvence est devenue une discipline, mais investie avec bonheur. It expresses the desire to stop time in order to fully enjoy your physical and moral faculties. You must be at the height of your faculties, seduction and abilities in order to make the most of life. This idea of youth as the heartbeat of the world is infinitely more recent and more cultural than we realize, even though it is probably now universal due to globalization, which is making human societies permeable to the same representations of the body or existence.

For other societies, time is circular: the time of the eternal return. You are born, you grow up, you have children, you die and you are reborn to start another cycle.

Youth is only a moment - and not necessarily the most important one - when the focus is often on having many offspring and leading a long life.

Awareness You who seem in appearance to be a sensible and prudent young man, tell me please, how does this mortal Life seem to you, that men prize so much? How do you understand it? I desire your opinion: for I too would live in a way that, when it comes to an end, I do not find myself, as happens to many, deceived by false hope.

Prudence I cannot fully satisfy your desire, because my unripe years have not brought me to see much on this subject: yet as I have been able to sense from afar and through what I have learned from wise men who have examined it with perceptive eyes; it seems to me that it is a show and appearance of vanity; a fine clothing that covers the deformity of the feeble body: and a grassy meadow that hides in its green herbage the poisonous snake.

And you, what would you say it was? Awareness I am still unskilled but I would say it was a narrow field but full of hard stones: a leafy wood, but full of sharp thorns: a shady hill, but full of high rocks, and, in short, a great forest, but full of forest beasts.

Prudence I would call it a vale of weeping: a fountain without thoughts: a river swollen with tears: and a sea stormy with misery. Awareness I again, if I am sensible, find that this life of ours is like a bubble in the water, that suddenly disappears: like vapour in the air, that is quickly lost: and like the flower that in the hedge wilts in a moment.

Prudence I liken it to an old house threatened with ruin: to a high tower built on sand: to a tree with many branches, but without roots.

Awareness To me it seems a ship without a rudder: old age without a stick: a horse without a bridle: and a blind man without a guide. Prudence I compare it to order disordered: to quietness disquieted: to weariness that is useless: to health that is unhealthy: and to wealth that is poor.

Awareness Say then that it is beauty deformed: honour dishonoured: ambition anxious: height precipitous: and nobility obscure. Avveduto Nominatela pure un Giogo non soave: un Peso non leggiero: ed una Catena forte. Prudence Add that it is a sack with a hole: a vessel that is empty: a mirror that is stained: and a window that is broken.

L'uomo eterno

Awareness Do not miss out that it is a golden hook with bait: a sharp thorn-bush that pricks: a bitter apple that disgusts: and a cup of wine that makes drunk. Prudence In fact it is a journey full of snares: a city full of discord: a kingdom divided: a principate that is a tyranny: and a pilgrimage that is troublesome. Awareness Say too that it is a castle in the air: a ship in the middle of the sea: a cloud against the sun: and a wind that passes and turns not.

Prudence Agree and say that it is a dark whirlpool, where many sink: a narrow sea, where many are in danger: an ocean without harbour, where one sails at great risk. Awareness Consider that it is a cavern of snakes: a cave of thieves: a grotto of murderers: and a refuge of malefactors.Dit keer komt welzijn en voorspoed niet van God maar van de techniek, tenminste voor diegene die over de middelen beschikken om ervan te profiteren.

Broken Destiny.

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