LAB MANUAL. ELECTRONIC DEVICES & CIRCUITS LAB. Dept. of ECE. CREC. 3. 1. P-N JUNCTION DIODE CHARACTERISTICS. AIM: 1. To plot Volt-Ampere. An ability to design the circuits with basic semiconductor devices (active & Electronic Devices and Circuits Laboratory Manual covers those practical oriented. Dept. of ECE, Sir C.R. Reddy College of Engg. Eluru - 7. II/IV (B.E) ECE, I-SEM:: EDC Lab Manual. CIRCUIT DIAGRAMS: MODEL GRAPH.

Electronic Devices And Circuits Lab Manual Pdf

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threadergrenacmu.ml - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. 2nd - I Semester, ECE/EEE- EDC Lab. Aurora's Engineering College. 1. ELECTRONIC DEVICES AND CIRCUITS LAB (). PART –A. PART A: ( Only for. Students have to bring the lab manual cum observation book, record etc along with them whenever ELECTRONIC DEVICES AND CIRCUTS LAB SYLLABUS.

Draw the equivalent circuit of common source FET amplifier? What is the voltage gain of the FET amplifier? What is the input impedance of FET amplifier? What is the output impedance of FET amplifier? What are the FET parameters?

What are the FET applications? It consists os 3 junctions J1, J2, J3 the J1 and J3 operate in forward direction and J2 operates in reverse direction and three terminals called anode A, cathode K , and a gate G. The operation of SCR can be studied when the gate is open and when the gate is positive with respect to cathode. When gate is open, no voltage is applied at the gate due to reverse bias of the junction J2 no current flows through R2 and hence SCR is at cutt off.

When anode voltage is increased J2 tends to breakdown. When the gate positive,with respect to cathode J3 junction is forward biased and J2 is reverse biased. Electrons from N-type material move across junction J3 towards gate while holes from P-type material moves across junction J3 towards cathode. So gate current starts flowing ,anode current increaase is in extremely small current junction J2 break down and SCR conducts heavily.

When gate is open thee breakover voltage is determined on the minimum forward voltage at which SCR conducts heavily. Now most of the supply voltage appears across the load resistance.

The holfing current is the current gate being open , when break over occurs. Connections are made as per circuit diagram. Keep the gate supply voltage at some constant value 59 3. Vary the anode to cathode supply voltage and note down the readings of voltmeter and ammeter. Keep the gate voltage at standard value.

What the symbol of SCR? IN which state SCR turns of conducting state to blocking state?

What are the applications of SCR? What is holding current?

What are the important types thyristors? How many numbers of junctions are involved in SCR? What is the function of gate in SCR? When gate is open, what happens when anode voltage is increased? What is the value of forward resistance offered by SCR? What is the condition for making from conducting state to non conducting state? The base is formed by lightly doped n-type bar of silicon. Two ohmic contacts B1 and B2 are attached at its ends. The emitter is of p-type and it is heavily doped.

The banana-connector posts should never be removed especially in this class. They greatly simplify and expedite re-connecting the external laboratory power supplies each week. It is not advisable to discard those posts. Lab 0: Bipolar Junction Transistor Lab 2: Field Effect Transistor Lab 3: Voltage Regulators Lab 4: Oscillators Lab 5: Analog-to-Digital Conversion Lab 6: Digital-to-Analog Conversion Lab 7 1: Output Filtering Lab 7 2: Project Integration and Debugging Report Due: Lab 7 2: Project Integration and Debugging Final Exam.

In fact, if we want a linear relationship between pulse width and signal value, we still need a constant current source the datasheet uses a resistor rather than a constant current source.

Thus, the really only gets rid of the comparator, the SR latch, and the reset switch it internalizes them. Lab Report Writing Resources Engineers are not scientists in the traditional sense.

In particular, Define the question e. Suggest that cable resistance or component tolerances may have changed the effective corner frequency. Suggest a new experiment that measures cable resistance and repeats trials over several components with tight tolerances Publish results e. Section Structure A good section structure inspired by the scientific method is: Alternatively, the conclusions section could be called an "Analysis" section and a new "Conclusions" section could be added that summarizes the report.

The section structure you choose should help reinforce the message you are communicating in your report; keep the steps of the scientific method in mind.


Technical Details Here are some other general rules that you should consider when writing lab reports for me. An excerpt from the ECE lab text applies to all laboratory reports as well.

Reports should be written from the following point of view: You must, therefore, explain your project in the most organized, economical fashion possible. This neatness and readability of your report is a significant factor as well as the actual contents. You should try to explain to the reader how the different parts of this circuit work in a clear and organized fashion. Lab reports should be computer generated.

Look below for information on obtaining digital images you can use in your report.


You may include hand-drawn figures , but: Draw them on engineering graph paper. Include them either as attachments to the end of the report or paste or photocopy them into the body of the report. Instead of using hand-drawn images, you may use digital photographs e. In that case, make sure important details are shown clearly e. Pages should be numbered.

You may use first-person active voice or third-person passive voice, but you should be consistent. DO NOT refer to the "class" "instructor" "instructions" "students" etc. Your submissions are technical reports reflecting your own experimentation with using electronic devices. You should write them as if you were submitting them to a boss or a journal. Be clear and concise. When applicable, use percent error to compare measured data to expected results.

Discuss reasons for differences from expectation. When using figures, tables, and equations, Number figures sequentially. Number tables sequentially. Number equations sequentially. Refer to them by number. Do NOT put them at the end of the document.

Discuss every included figure, table, and equation within the text. If you must use Microsoft Word or another similar package that emulates it , see these sites: Living with Microsoft Word: Word will make sure that your figure captions stay tied to your figures and will automatically number them properly for you.

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Additionally, later you can have Word manage your cross references so you never have to type a figure reference.

Of course, it is always better to use TeX. If you are using LaTeX , you will need images to be stored in separate files to be included in your source code i. Choose the format that fits your LaTeX engine. Remember that: If you need more images of circuits used in the lab , try looking at this old EE website. Circuit diagrams and other resources are made available for each of our labs.

More Resources From an old EE website: Scientific Reports and a Sample Lab Assignment.

edc lab manual_cse_new-1.docx - ELECTRONIC DEVICES AND...

A typical TeX workflow is Edit document source code in a standard or specialized text editor. For example, a text file called "mydocument. The "mydocument. Hello world!

A good editor will typically provide a quick way e. See below for details. View printable document and repeat process to make changes e. If you want to submit lab reports using TeX , you will need one of the free TeX distributions. Windows users should get MiKTeX. Click on the link under Download. Alternatively, Windows users can try TeX Live.

For the moment, it is recommended that new users stick with MiKTeX. Download the MacTeX Installer. This device consists of the display RAM, 64 bit data latch 64 bit drivers and decoder logics. Having two different connectors for each port, you can connect accessory boards, sensors and your custom electronics easier then ever before. STM32F datasheet, cross reference, circuit and application notes in pdf format.

For information on , programming manual PM Document Number: Rev. Programming the STM32F4-Discovery The programming environment including the settings for compiling and programming are described. How to start with the STM32F4?

Of course, the first document to find for any chip is the datasheet 1 , and the reference manual 2. Raw GPIO pin access. E means K flash memory and G means 1Mb datasheet p. Cookie Notice. Explore Integrated Circuits ICs on Octopart: the fastest source for datasheets, pricing, specs and availability.

Log in or register to post comments according to datasheet. Both have k SRAM datasheet p. This is information on a product in full production.

Datasheet search engine for Electronic Components and Semiconductors.Pavlic and included in this website and any related pages, including its archives, is protected by copyright and licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3. Use a potentiometer! In amplifier application. Justify your answer? Unix users should get TeX Live. Noise in electronic devices. Some of the editors above include decent PDF previewers, but others depend on you to find one.

On ARM, each pin is a bit in a hardware port, mapped to a specific memory location.

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