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Editorial Reviews. Review. This powerful debut, with equal parts light and darkness, makes for a fascinating story. Ewing expertly handles surprising twists, . Garnet's Story (Jewel Novella series) by Amy Ewing. Read online, or download in secure EPUB format. New York Times bestselling author Amy Ewing delivers a dark and riveting tale that "will have fans of Oliver's Delirium, Cass's The Selection, and DeStefano's.

Our heroine is the fantastically-named Violet Lasting, who I will henceforce address as the html color code of , the code for purple. Because I can't type Violet Lasting without gagging, that's why. Each region has a ruler, a countess, a duchess Due to some kind of genetic mutation, the upper class are no longer able to bear children. It would be an unusual world except for the stupid fucking fact that almost everyone is named after a theme.

For example, all the people in one region are named after colors.


Which is why I've decided to name our Violet So no normal pregnancies for the rich here. Instead, they get genetically blessed girl like to have babies for them. But rather than being forced to go through, like, sexual abuse and stuff like that, these girls are more or less pets for the family that downloads them. They are slaves, exquisitely dressed slaves, extraordinaryly pampered Not to mention breeding mares, who never have to have sex.

Totally PG, y'all. And the painful, excruciating, lengthy process of in-vitro fertilization? Turned into an artificial gloss of pain, without any authentic feeling of violation or despair.

In any case, is beautiful. Extraordinarily talented. Exceptionally lovely.

In an auction of girls, the highest ranked is the most beautiful, the most prized. I exhale. To the Duchess of the Lake.

So excellent at the magical art of Augury wut lol , that for the Duchess, she is a prize beyond compare. Her body is not her own. She is a slave, a possession, there to be used, abused, and thrown away. But then Cora gets the chance to do something about it. There is a secret rebellion that could free the entire fate of her fellow caged brood mares. She can free herself. For me it wasn't just the ending either.

Some parts of the book I felt my eyes glazing over or me just skimming through a paragraph because the author wasn't really doing anything to build up the scene, it was like a rush through of certain parts.

Then with the ending there really was so much more that could have been written about- maybe even another book on their new lives!

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This was a great series but I finished the book quickly during two layovers and flights. I recommend this series, I was just disappointed at this finale, I felt the author rushed through writing this. A Can't miss series!! By Susie K. Amy Ewing is new to me. In 5 books, she has made me a fan!!

Her writing style swiftly transports you to wherever she is writing, in this case, the Jewel. Her descriptions are so vivid without taking away from the story. I can see everything the character sees and hear them beside me.

Such a great writer!!

I love the struggles the surrogates and The Society goes through and the failures of some plans. This book opens a surprise with an even bigger surprise ending.


Thanks Amy for a great series!! Violet also grows in Book Two. One such example is when Ash must see his little sister who is dying. Ewing clearly utilizes this tool as we see Lucien live up to his name, which means bright light or leader, as we find he is the leader of the black key resistance that is giving inhabitants of every ring of the Jewel hope for a different future.

Somehow he just always shows up at just the right moment to save the day. He seemed too convenient at times. It is clear Violent has much to lose and much to gain as we move forward.

This was one such book!It was great in some parts: I didn't connect with it at all. The Jewel is a little darker but if you like and …more It has a similar feel and the authors have similar writing styles, but the plots are not the same. I really want this to be good.

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Like I said, only the lower class has this ability, and everyone knows poor people have no power, so the upper classes are free to use them as they see fit. Together, they are a danger.

Cora Carmack. The Thousandth Floor.

Her lips are glossed in pale pink, and her hair tumbles over her shoulders in thick curls, one side pinned up with a jeweled clip, encrusted with amethysts that form the shape of a butterfly. The Crown's Game.

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