Form No. 49AA. Application for Allotment of Permanent Account Number Abbreviations of the above name, as you would like it, to be printed on the PAN card. Mandatory, except where mother is a single parent and PAN is applied by furnishing the father or mother which you may like to be printed on PAN card ( select one only) Whether mother is a single parent and you wish to apply for PAN by. Pan Card Application Form 49aa Free Download Excelis not the form you're looking for? Search for Votes. Keywords relevant to form pdf 49aa download.

Pan Card Application Form 49aa Pdf

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Instruction for new pan card application form in excel format form 49a. foreign citizens who wish to apply for a new pan can apply for one by to their existing pan . Form 49AA ✓ PAN Card form 49 AA for Foreigners ✓ Basic rules of filling PAN Application Form 49 AA ✓ Components & Structure of Form 49AA ✓ Know How to . Get PAN Card Form ✓ How to download PAN card & application form online in PDF ✓ Know PAN card form 49A, 49AA filling procedure & tips to fill new PAN.

The first two pages of the form are to be filled by the applicant and the rest of the pages include instructions for filling Form 49A.

Let us look at the components of Form 49A in some detail —. It is advisable to use the name that is present on all other documents you have.

This is the address to which your PAN Card will be dispatched. It is also governed by Rule of the Income Tax Rules, Like Form 49A, this form is available for online application and can also be downloaded for offline application purpose.

Whether listed on a stock exchange or not. If listed, the name of stock exchange is also required.

Steps to download PAN card online? PAN Card Form Taxpayers now can easily download the PAN Card online by following the below mentioned steps: Step 1: It takes about 10—15 days to receive the card. It is possible due to digitalization happening in India due to more internet data at a lower cost.

It is a great way to save one's time and effort. Pan card allocated date can be checked from official website of UTI.

The processing agencies obtain the new PAN number online from the server of the income tax department after successful processing of the application documents. Some critics in India may call the handling, processing, and delivery of personal ID and financial documents by private contractors as a violation of privacy.

After registration, the applicant receives a token number. One can continue with filling form.


After successful eSign one can download and keep copy of the signed form for his reference. An acknowledgement receipt and form is also received through e-mail at registered email ID.

Procedure to obtain PAN is same as applicable for Indian citizens. However, the application is required to be filled using Form 49AA meant for foreign citizens and submitted at any of the authorized PAN Service Centre through the authorized representative in India.

Documents accepted as proof of address Proof of identity documents mentioned above bearing the address of the applicant or Copy of bank account statement in the country of residence, or Copy of non-resident external NRE bank account statement in India, or Copy of certificate of residence in India or residential permit issued by the state police authorities, or Copy of registration certificate issued by the Foreigner's Registration Office showing Indian address, or Copy of visa granted and copy of appointment letter or contract from an Indian company and certificate in original of Indian address issued by the employer.

However, foreign citizens may find online mode of application more convenient when the klunky web user interface is working.March 2, at 6: It is advisable to use the name that is present on all other documents you have.

PAN Card Form 49

This is the address to which your PAN Card will be dispatched. In order to submit a comment to this post, please write this code along with your comment: One on the top right requires signature within the box below it.


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