JavaBean as a component model. ○. Core concepts of JavaBeans. ○. Properties. ○. Event model. ○. Introspection. ○. Bean persistence. ○. Bean persistence. association with Java Beans is a trademark of O'Reilly & Associates, Inc. JavaBeans is one of the most important developments in Java™ since its inception. Long-term persistence for JavaBeans enables you to read and write a bean as a textual representation of its property JavaBeans Specification (PDF and PS).

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The JavaBeans technology is the component architecture for the Java platform. It defines Beans are created according to the JavaBeans API specification. A “Bean” is a reusable software component model based on sun's java bean JavaBean by a process known as Introspection, a builder tool exposes the. UNIT 1 INTRODUCTION TO JAVA BEANS. Structure. Page Nos. Introduction. 5. Objectives. 5. What is JavaBean? 6. JavaBean Concepts. 6.

For example, your application can override the open function to show the user a limited list of PDF documents that can be opened. Loading and displaying a document programmatically is very simple using jPDFViewer.

The toolbar in jPDFViewer can be shown or hidden according to the needs of host application. Please refer to the API for more detail.

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The method returns an object of type com. The host application can then use this object to get the list of fields in the PDF document and to get individual fields by name.

The field objects in turn have methods to get or set their current value.

The library provides these functions by giving access to an interface class that represents the underlying PDF document. Some of the information and functions this object provides are:.

Only the jPDFViewer.

Checks if the class named className is a valid lightweight java bean extending java. Returns those bean property descriptors that are suitable for setting via the i-net Desginer GUI.

Returns the current property FormulaField of the beans' property named name. Returns the current property value of the beans' property named name.

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Returns all ReportComponent s that are descendants of this one. Returns whether the bean is set to "paint to an image", which makes sure that all Graphics2D methods are supported, however it also causes less graphical quality on higher zoom levels.

Sets the beans property named name to be the value of the passed FormulaField.

Sets the beans property named name to the passed value while trying to convert to the properties' type. The value is computed at report time.

Please note: If this property is an i-net Clear Reports formula, the return value has type FormulaField. On printing the result can be screened.

It can be look like printed with a dot matrix printer. Return a instance of bean Component.

This method is used for example by i-net Designer to create a preview of the component in the design view. Returns a list with all property formulas that are set for this report element.

This includes property formulas for any type of sub-component but excludes formulas for any descendant ReportComponent of this one. To get the property formulas for descendant ReportComponent use ReportComponent.

Sets the scaling factor for this JavaBean element.


The scaling factory is used for both the width and the height of this JavaBean. At runtime a uniform scaling of this JavaBean will be done.This includes property formulas for any type of sub-component but excludes formulas for any descendant ReportComponent of this one.

Simple example of JavaBean class

It does not maintain conversational state. Returns all ReportComponent s that are descendants of this one. Published by Oracle Forms community - dans Bean - general commenter cet article ….

The article is shipped with a sample dialog, for you to test. Browse the beans by tree Home page Display full article list.

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