We often get the question whether it's possible to convert a Prezi presentation into a PDF file. It is! You just need to follow a few simple steps. Make handout from. Whatever the reason, you can turn your prezi into a PDF at any time. Keep in mind you may need to edit your path since a presentation does not always follow . There are some places that I could not access Prezi, so I converted my Prezi into a PDF and made a PowerPoint. Tried inserting my PowerPoint.

How To Prezi Presentation As Pdf

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I then combine all the saved JPG files into a single PDF using Adobe Acrobat. It's a bit tedious, esp. for larger presentations, but it has helped when my sales. Prezi is a presentation creation web application that allows you to create presentations Select where on your computer to save the Prezi PDF. themes, there is no clip art gallery, and Prezi presentations do not have the multiple . The Prezi will be converted to a PDF file, where every path step will be.

Moving Multiple Objects At Once Most times when you are editing your Prezi, you are bound to accidentally move something and lose your formatting, especially when you are trying to move multiple elements together. To select multiple objects hold down on the Shift key then click on each object.

Lock the objects by clicking on the Group button that appears on top of the selection. You can now move your group wherever you please. Use the fade-in animation to make your points or objects appear. When in Edit Mode, click on Edit Path, which is at the top of the left sidebar.

Select the frame that you want to animate.

Click on the star symbol that appears in orange. When the animation wizard appears, hover over the element you want to fade-in.

Click on the element to apply the fade-in effect. It will immediately play the animation. Adding A Voice-over A Prezi presentation can basically present itself when you add sound to it. This feature is ideal for tutorials or when you want to embed Prezis on your website.

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Take note that you have to record your audio file beforehand using external sound recording software. In Edit mode, first select the Path you want to add sound to at the left sidebar. Click on the Insert tab on the top bar. From the drop-down menu, select Add Voice-over to Path Step. Choose the audio file you want to add. The file will take a while to upload onto your Prezi. Once done, you can click on the triangle to test play the sound. When finished, click Done to resume editing your Prezi.

You can have up to 10 people collaborating with you on a Prezi. First, click on the Share button located on the top right in Edit mode. Select Share Prezi from the drop-down menu. A window will pop up.

Select Editor from the drop-down menu next to the field and click Add. The full list of people working on a Prezi is located on the sidebar on the right. You can invite more people to edit as you go by accessing that right sidebar. Click Invite to edit when you expand the sidebar.

Printing A Prezi Do you normally give out your slides as handouts? You can do the same with Prezi by first converting it into a PDF file.

Import Prezi to PowerPoint

Each Path will be turned into a PDF page so you might need to edit your Path, as the flow of the document may differ from the presentation. Click on the Share button on the top right in Edit mode. Select Download as PDF from the drop-down menu.

It will take a while for your Prezi to convert. In the pop up window, type in the name of the Prezi and choose a location to save it in. You can now print the PDF file. Presenting Remotely Prezi has this function called Prezi Meeting. The function allows you to remotely conduct presentations for anyone, anywhere, in real time.

You are allowed to invite up to 30 people to view your presentation. To use this, first, click on the Share button on the top right in Edit mode. Select Present remotely from the drop-down menu. A window will pop up with the link to your Prezi. Send it to whoever you are supposed to present to. The recipient who clicks on the link will be redirected to the live presentation you will be giving.

Set On Autoplay You can set your presentation on autoplay and have the presentation loop on endlessly. You can then embed this presentation on a website as part of a product presentation or an explanation video.

You can find instructions on how to embed the Prezi in the next section. Enter Present mode and click on the clock icon at the bottom right of the screen. From there, select the time intervals you want, to pace your Paths. The problem is, of course, that we all have tight and usually unrealistic deadlines to meet, and we are probably trying to work on several different projects at once.

There isn't enough time in the day to spend it looking at images, but you do want your Prezi to look great. Following are a few ways of finding the right images, starting with the least time-consuming methods. If you live on some strange planet other than earth, and have the luxury of time to seek out the perfect images, then you'll definitely want to take a look at the latter half of this section.

For the rest of us earthlings to whom time is precious, I'm sure you'll find some useful tips at the start. To access this, click on INSERT from the Prezi menu, then click on IMAGE to open the Insert image dialogue box, as shown in the following screenshot: There are two parts to the Insert image dialogue box, but as we're focusing on the least time-consuming method for finding and inserting new imagery, let's look at the bottom part titled From web.

The From web feature allows you to run a Google image search by entering a keyword or phrase into the search panel.

Inserting Your Powerpoint Slides

Pre-licensed images tick box The tick box marked Show only images pre-licensed for use in Prezi should remain ticked. Removing it will allow copyrighted images to appear in your search. These images cannot be used unless you gain permission from the image owner — usually at a cost! You'll then see a series of images linked to that keyword which you can scroll through and select as shown in the following screenshot: The zoom test If you see an image that you like, then select it but don't click on the OK button just yet.

Before you fully insert it into your Prezi, move over to the left of the Prezi screen and use the zoom button to take a closer look at the image. If you zoom in a little and the image starts to lose quality and is pixilated, then it has probably been saved at a very low resolution.

Always zoom in and check the quality of the image first, especially if you know you're going to zoom into it at some stage in your Prezi. Limitations of the Insert From web function There's no doubt that using the Insert From web function is the fastest way to find images for your Prezi, but it does have its limitations.

If so, here are some tips that will definitely help. Advanced image search Most "Non-Masters" will simply go to the Google images home page, type in a keyword and click search.

Those of us in the know, however, will normally always click on the Advanced search option to the right of the screen and fine-tune our search before selecting an image. This can actually save your time in the long run because you can be very clear about what you want to see. Chances are that these images won't be pixilated as much when zoomed into in Prezi.

A Prezi master will never use clip art. Unless your Prezi is titled "Look how bad clip art is!

Presentation news.

This works the same as the Prezi pre-license option and lowers the risk of you inserting copyrighted imagery. Standard search If you decide not to use the advanced search option and simply type your keyword, cross your fingers, and hope for the best, then make sure you look at the following before saving and inserting an image into Prezi. By simply rolling your mouse over one of the images in your Google search, you can reveal some key information about that image file. The key things you should look for are the file type and the dimensions.

The reason I've selected the image shown in the preceding screenshot in my search is because I can see it's a PNG file, which means it will have a transparent background once inserted into Prezi. The file also has a dimension of x pixels. Normally I'd look for something bigger, but I know that I won't be zooming into this image in my Prezi, so for now this will do.

This obviously takes time. Other online sources for imagery If getting that perfect image in your Prezi is important to you as it should be , then there are other sources you may want to turn to other than Google images.

The web has hundreds of online image libraries just waiting to be tapped into. If you still want your images completely free, then www.

There are also some outstanding premium resources available that give the highest quality images taken by professional photographers. Obviously such resources aren't going to be free, but if you're building your Prezi for business use, I'm hoping you might have some budget for a small spend to get your Prezi looking great.

Here are some things you should know about using online image libraries. Bang for your buck A simple online search for "Image Library" will bring up the most popular resources. You don't want to be paying a monthly subscription unless you're a designer and need tons of images regularly.

Most sites will use a credits system, so make sure you know how many credits you need for the top quality images, as it's these that you'll want to use in Prezi. This is obviously a massive advantage, if you're planning to zoom in on images and want to keep everything looking great.

All of which can really bring your Prezi to life, which we'll discuss in later chapters. Time versus quality To summarize this section, the following chart shows you the three methods mentioned previously and the effects that using either of them will have on your Prezi design. Method for finding imagery How this affects your Prezi Prezi from web function Fastest method of finding imagery, but only searches for raster imagery without displaying the file type or size.

Google image search online Allows for a more advanced search, but it does mean that you have to save the image outside of Prezi and then insert it, which can take time. The best of both worlds Hopefully, this far into the chapter, you understand the obvious benefits that both raster and vector imagery bring.

But what if you could combine the best of both worlds and have a realistic looking imagery like photographs, at a very small file size, with the ability to zoom into them as far as you like with no pixilation at all? Well guess what, you can!

You don't need to download any expensive software to do this, or have a degree in graphic design. Two separate methods are explained further for turning raster images into vector so that they look great and load quickly in Prezi.

The only difference between these methods is that one is completely free, and the other has a small price attached. Vectorising your imagery In the steps that follow, you'll learn how to turn a raster image into a stunning looking vector version.

You'll be able to do this without spending a penny on expensive software, so it's a great benefit to your Prezis, and your budget! First of all, you'll need a good raster image to vectorise. If you don't already have something to use, then we'd suggest a quick search on Google images for something interesting.

To continue with the current theme and to give you another sugar rush , we'll use the raster image of chocolate squares, that you've seen earlier in the chapter. This should look even yummier once it's turned into a vector graphic and inserted into Prezi. Now you need to do download and install Inkscape which is a great piece of vector editing software mentioned earlier in this chapter. It's completely open source which makes it free for anyone to download and use. Inkscape is available on Windows and Macintosh platforms, and has very similar capabilities to its more expensive cousin Adobe Illustrator!

Once the software is installed, you should see the Inkscape icon in your programs list or on your desktop. Now for the fun bit!

Obviously, we won't go into detail on all of Inkscape's many features, but it's time to open the software and vectorise your image. Double-click the Inkscape icon from your list of programs. Select your raster image and click on OK. Make sure the embed option is selected on the next screen and click on OK.

When your image appears on the Inkscape page, make sure it is selected and surrounded by arrows as shown in the following screenshot: 7. The pop-up box that appears will allow you to create a vector trace of your raster image. Click on OK to create your trace. Back on the main screen, you will see the new vector version of your image. Hold the Ctrl key and use your mouse wheel to zoom in, or click the up arrow in the z box bottom-right corner of the screen.

If you aren't happy with the vector, just delete it and repeat the steps.

Adjust the settings in the Trace Bitmap screen until you are happy.Thank you for your feedback! How to save your Prezi as PDF? Now go to File and select Save As.

You can either choose to drag individual slides to your Prezi or click on the Insert All button at the top. PowerPoint takes on another dimension. The skills you've learned in this chapter will help the visual learners in your audience understand your presentation, but what about the auditory learners in the crowd who need a little extra help?

Obviously such resources aren't going to be free, but if you're building your Prezi for business use, I'm hoping you might have some budget for a small spend to get your Prezi looking great. If not, then keep on reading and I'm sure you'll come to a conclusion very soon. Now click on the objects in the order you want them to appear.

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