Evermore book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. The first book in Alyson Noël's extraordinary new Immortals series. Ent. Enter the realm of The Immortals, a young adult fantasy series hailed as addictive Book 1. Evermore. by Alyson Noel. · , Ratings · 9, Reviews. Evermore is a fantasy novel by Alyson Noël released in It is the first novel in the Immortals series. Evermore was an immediate bestseller and, as of October 11, , had spent 34 weeks on the New York Times Best Seller list for children's books.

Evermore Book Series

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Evermore (February 3, ); Blue Moon (July 7, ); Shadowland Alyson Noel also wrote a spin-off series called the Riley 10 books in both The Immortals and Riley Bloom Series have been. Evermore is a fantasy novel by Alyson Noel released in It is the first book of the Immortals series. Evermore was an immediate bestseller and as of August. by Alyson Noel & Sandra C. Hessels includes books Evermore, Blue Moon, Shadowland, and several more. See the complete The Immortals series book list in.

Seventeen year old Ever the sole survivor of a car crash that killed her parents, twelve year old sister and their dog.

She then lives with her aunt in Southern California. Consumed by survivor guilt but also by a new ability to read thoughts of people around her.

To tune the voices out she often crank up the volume of her iPOD and make herself disappear. Until Damen turns up the new strange and mysterious guy new in town. He convinces Ever to come out a be herself, Ever trying her best to avoid any contact and get close to anyone since the accident but how matter she avoids him she's lured back to him for the promise of silence and serenity.

First few chapters I kind of felt bogged down then a while it soon took its own storyline. I like her sister's character, I think she puts the humour that's needed in the story.

The main character has lots of issues going on but won't specify to prevent me spoiling the whole book for whoever wants to read it thus making her life much more complicated. Although I've noticed some inconsistencies in the book and too far fetched things that I felt was just thrown in there and did not give any explanation how it went about.

The Immortals: The Beginning

Damen's true character wasn't show in depth and felt that they feel in love too soon without them spending enough time with each other. Largely focusing on Young Adult literature, she is a consummate professional of her art and craft, with a number of extremely popular books to date.

Much of her work consists of series and franchises, many of which have amassed a large amount of fans throughout the many years of her writing career.

A great example of this is her bestselling series of novels, the Immortals series, which feature elements of fantasy and the supernatural.

Focused on the supernatural abilities of one sixteen-year-old Ever, it sees her coming to terms with her powers over the course of the series run.

Evermore by Alyson Noel

Running between the years of and , this series lasted for over six installments, along with a collection of omnibus editions, as well as some mini novellas too. With a large audience of mainly young fans, it was a series that managed to captivate its audience, during its run, as it achieved bestseller status.

Setting up the series of Immortals it was a highly popular and bestselling successful novel to come from the author Alyson Noel.

Establishing many of the characters for the forthcoming franchise as well, it manages to introduce everyone here to, along with giving them their first adventure. Whilst there are many fantasy novels in the Young Adult genre currently available on the market, this stands out from the rest. Taking the conventions of it and turning them on their head, Alyson Noel has created something entirely new and interesting here.

Bringing her readers slowly in, she creates a world that is both fantastical and imaginative, whilst also being easy to relate to. Set in-between the real world and the world of fantasy, it combines the two elements to create an engaging and interesting premise.

Showing a lot of scope and breadth to her world-building as an author Alyson Noel really manages to bring it all to life through her vivid descriptions. Creating a balance between the two, it describes recognizable locations for the readers to be drawn into, then takes them on a journey through the fantasy realm.

Another factor underpinning all of this is that of the lead protagonist Ever Bloom, who acts as anchorage for the young audience. Providing the ideal foil for her is that of Damen Auguste, as he shows her the ways of how her life can be outside of high-school and alienation. It is these factors that draw them together, along with the audience who feel they can relate to them over the course of the book. Following a tragic and horrific accident the family of sixteen-year-old Ever Bloom perishes leaving her behind alone.

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She also finds that she has got supernatural powers as well, which means that she is even more alone, as she finds that she has to isolate herself at her new high-school. Then, when new guy Damen Auguste comes into her life she finds that she may not be so alone after all, as there are others like her.

Who are these people? Can she make sense of it all?The longer you can stall any interesting event occuring, the less thinking you will actually need to do.

Everyone is deserving of happiness. Good for you. My old review somewhere around I'm willing to keep listening.

Devastatingly handsome, mysterious, runs hot and cold, Ever feels "drawn" to him and gets all "tingly" whenever he's around. Adult Written by caitlin89 September 17, So yes, Damen is an immortal with the ability to cross over into the plane where souls reside before being judged. Additionally, have you noticed how I am rarely talking about the plot? The oh-my-god-why-do-you-even-exist-on-this-planet kind of bad.

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