This user guide is licensed for use under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial License. This License allows users to copy. This edition of the Visual QuickStart Guide to Photoshop CS4 by bestselling authors The elegant layout and full-color photographs make the book not only . The Adobe Photoshop CS4 Book for Digital Photographers [Scott Kelby] on why the previous editions of this book are widely used as the official study guide in.

Adobe Photoshop Cs4 Guide Book

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"I just saw Photoshop World instructor Lesa Snider's new book, Photoshop CS4: The Missing Manual, and it so reminded me of when Deke McClellend used to. About the Adobe Photoshop CS4 Book pages + DVD with minutes movies, CS4 Help Guide + extra PDF content. Books now in stock! Martin Evening's. MasterPhotoshop CS4 with this visual, hands-on guide to using layers, under the expert guidance of digital imaging specialist Richard Lynch. Layers.

Practical workshops show you how to master the essential techniques, such as color correction, retouching techniques, toning a black and white image, creating composite images and so on.

Each technique is described in step-by-step detail, showing exactly which command to use, whether you are working with a Mac or PC computer.

This is supplied in a web browser format that you can either run from the DVD or copy to your computer hard disk for off-line viewing.

The Help Guide contains a complete guide to all the tools and panels in Photoshop as well as other items in the program. It is like having an off-line manual with which to learn more about what each Photoshop tool and palette does.

Adobe Photoshop CS4 Classroom in a Book

The guide also provides minutes of movie tutorials on Photoshop CS4. If you are just beginning to work with digital images or are looking for new ideas, the best techniques and ways to improve the quality of your work, this is the book for you!

While the main CS4 book covers all the essentials of image editing in Photoshop CS4, this book is intended as a companion to the main Photoshop CS4 book. It goes into greater detail and supplements your knowledge of Photoshop, offering expert guidance that's aimed at intermediate to advanced users of Photoshop.

In this first edition, Martin Evening and Jeff Schewe each describe in detail how to carry out some of their favorite Photoshop image editing and retouching techniques. Another appealing feature of this book, is that many of the photographs are taken from real-life professional shoots. The techniques described here don't just show you clever things you can do in Photoshop, they show how you can use Photoshop in a professional context, meeting the demands of art directors and how to meet tricky briefs.

But don't be put off by the thought that this is a book for advanced professional Photoshop users only. In general it's what I might call "foot deep, mile wide" rather than "inch deep, mile wide. The one vexing issue with this book here is that it visually breaks down the how-to copy in blocks of text on a color background, while other types of "tips" and special copy have different color backgrounds, and the general explanation copy is against page white.

What results is that in some sections the pages become very cluttered with "boxes" in the forms of screen caps, colored text regions and white text regions, all jumbled together. It can be difficult at any given point in the book to know exactly where you are or what context you're in unless you happen to be on a page with a section header or the start of a chapter.

Overall though the information herein is useful and worth a look if you don't have a good book on retouching most of which cover layers extensively. A visual, hands-on guide to using layers From site Deserving of ongoing mention and recommendation is one of the most powerful, effective Photoshop 'how to' books on the market: a guide to the notoriously tricky Layers part of the program.

A visual, hands- on guide comes from a digital imaging specialist who provides step-by-step directions and practical applications for image manipulation using the layers feature. Screenshots and color sidebars of information make this simply invaluable. A detailed and useful book From site The Adobe Photoshop CS4 Layers Book: Harnessing Photoshop's most powerful tool I am somewhat familiar with Photoshop and its capabilities, but this book really opened my eyes to what can be done with layers and has really changed my work flow when editing images.

There is more information here about layers than I thought was possible, and some of the techniques described are pretty advanced, but for now this has become my goto book on Photoshop. Photoshop Layers From site This book is packed full of good information, but I don't find it a quick and easy reference.Start reading Book Description Photoshop is the world's most widely used photo-editing and graphics program.

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Learn more about site Prime. Links to websites of previous editions of Photoshop for Photographers.

Whether you are an accomplished user or just starting out, the Adobe Photoshop CS4 for Photographers book contains a wealth of practical advice, hints and tips to help you achieve professional-looking results. Even if you think you know Photoshop well, with this book you'll learn even more detail about the program.

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