Tomorrow, I'll be starting “30 Days of Discipline.” 30 Days of Discipline was put together by a guy named Victor Pride, and the first thing he has. 30 Days of Discipline book. Read 10 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. 30 Days of Discipline is an electronic book. But it's not. Almost 2 years ago, I downloadd Victor Pride's 30 Days of Discipline program. with these habits, I still learned a lot from Victor's 30 Days of Discipline PDF.

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Develop your discipline with the 30 Days of Discipline PDF Guide. Training Integrating Victor Pride's habits into my day contributed more to a. 3) cold showers every day - I skipped some days, but eventually I got used to cold showers and after some months I've finally started to link to free pdf download? threadergrenacmu.ml 30 Days of Discipline is a mental and physical bootcamp that can help you to develop discipline and pride. Take the Hello, my name is Victor Pride. I am the .

I loved waking up every morning and doing his habits. I loved grinding it out until the end.

I loved pushing myself further and further, to see how far I could go. This is the week where the magic starts to happen. Fear and excitement are two sides of the same coin; they both anticipate a certain outcome.

Welcome to Reddit,

The only difference is that fear anticipates a negative outcome, and excitement anticipates a positive outcome…and it was hard not to be excited about my entire life.

After conquering my inner little bitch, and plowing through my own inner resistance, how could I NOT anticipate a positive outcome?

Working hard to make money? Talking to girls?

A piece of cake. So easy a child could do it. I found myself taking more risks in all aspects of my life, both personal and professional. I became more outgoing, more assertive, and interestingly enough, the people in my life started to notice.

They started to sense that I was changing from the inside out. They started to treat me differently. Week 4 And Beyond A conqueror is born Science says that it takes 66 days to start a new habit; this is only partially right. What the fuck does that mean, Jon? Why would it not rewire itself to keep doing what I was forcing it to do? It felt fucking amazing, and I could see the results right in front of me.

Others started to treat me with more respect. The women in my life magically started texting me more, wanting to hang out. I started to see the big picture; I started to realize just how much I could accomplish. I started to wonder what else I could do in life. Maybe I could start a business? If you honor yourself, you will take care of your appearance.


Dress for success. The lady on the right is clearly impressed. If you write down your goals for the day, you can easily visualize what you need to do.

The best remedy against procrastination is to do your tasks first thing in the morning. Check the items off your list, and you have them all done by the afternoon. Or be able to do more afterwards.

And checking off one item was extremely gratifying. I was instantly more motivated to tackle the next one.

You gain momentum while you check one task after the other. It takes discipline at first. It fills you with a certain amount of pride once you unlearn the slouching posture.

It was this discipline that made me embrace eye contact to everyone. Most people actually look down or away when you look them in the eye.

30 Days of Discipline Review (Victor Pride – BoldandDetermined)

In addition, every time you straighten your back and push your shoulders back, you feel a dopamine high. Over time, correcting your posture becomes automatic. Excuses and explanations do not follow your answer. Evasive conversations destroy trust. This is exhaustive at best and shady at worst. To be clear in our intent, we must learn to be clear in our words.

Of course, this does not mean to behave like a robot. But just eliminating any explanation, excuses or expressions of vagueness gives impact to what you say. For me personally, it was difficult to get rid of apologetic behavior.

I would actively stop myself mid-sentence. But eventually, I got it on the first trial. The reason why is because with your newfound mental clarity, you will have a lot of ideas floating in your head. Note them down and review them in the evening.

This was easily one of the most important steps to add to my life. Instead my free time was squandered in front of the television.

It was the exact kick in the pants that I needed. You get the information and then you take action.

These people are taking action and seeing a difference in their lives.

Only through doing can you ever see results. Changing your habits and focusing on what you want will help you to meet goals. No highly successful man got to the top by mere chance and haphazard, sporadic actions — only through steady habit and daily activities does one cultivate ultimate success of their goals.

Forming a habit or routine is a matter of discipline. The little habits make all the big difference.

And it works.This allows me to enhance my focus on the task at hand. Decide to never quit. Be sure to read all the way to the bottom of this review.

Note them down and review them in the evening.

I want you to join me in my quest for perfection.

It was short, concise, and straight to the point. No highly successful man got to the top by mere chance and haphazard, sporadic actions — only through steady habit and daily activities does one cultivate ultimate success of their goals.

And what were my experiences when I went through the program back in mid-February ?

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